Sunday, September 4, 2011

The last few months...kinda

So here is a little update on what we have been up to recently....since our last post. We both have taken classes in summer, we went to California to visit and spend time with both of our families which was a blast. We came back to provo and moved into our new place. We are close to everything and walk almost everywhere now. We have biked and longboarded the canyon, stopped for the ice cream man, gone to the latin festival and watched some lucha libre, and started school again. We both hope to finish school in April. Oh and we are still in love!!!!! duh

Some from our trips down the canyon, riding in the back of the truck, stopping for the ice cream man, you know, the usual.

Some lucha libre and our man PACO was the winner.

A few from hiking and a fair

A waterfall water slide we found