Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Summer Update!

Hello everyone. It's been awhile.

This summer's been great! Steve's swim school was a hit and we still have moms asking if he'll be doing more lessons. The joke is that it's really the moms that want to see Steve. haha. Here are a few random things that have happened to us this summer:


-A four year old girl that Steve teaches swim lessons has a crush on him. One day she showed up to swim lessons with her nails painted, hair done and perfume sprayed on her. Her mom said that all she can talk about is Steve. One day as she was leaving swim lessons, she quickly ran back to Steve and gave him a hug and said, "I love you as much as I love my Daddy!"


We went camping with my family a few times in July. We went up to Daniel's Summit and rented ATVS and a RAZOR. It was so much fun. One day we tied Cracker up and when we came back to our campsite he was gone. He had run away. My mom all of a sudden looked around and saw some people coming down the trail on ATVs. She was like, "oh my gosh there's a dog chasing them! it's cracker!" So we ran to meet them and he was just happy as ever to be chasing them. That dog seriously just loves people (specifically kids). He just likes to play. He kind of reminds me of Steve.

Another funny moment that happened when we were camping...

We were sitting around the campfire telling funny stories and all of a sudden we hear like a deep bear growl/breath. It freaked us out and we all jumped up. I know bears have extremely sensitive noses and it didn't help that we had tons of food out. All of us girls were freaked out and Steve was cautious because in high school him and some friends had kept food in their tent and a bear slashed through it in the middle of the night. They then had to scare it away. SCARY. Anyways, my dad and brother (James) were laughing at us saying that we were wimps. I was even more hesitant to stay the night in a tent upon discovering my dad had a bag of candy bars in his tent. After much effort, we finally convinced them to let us stay at the lodge. So we quickly headed to the lodge and crossed our fingers that a bear would come so that we could say I told you so. Morning came and there were no signs of a bear. oh well. It made for a funny story. But I know what we heard! Since then, we've YouTubed bear growls and it definitely was one!


-While Steve was fishing in the Provo River with his waders on he had to pee. He almost did but decided not to. When he got out of the water and realized he had waders on and that he would have peed his pants, he was glad he hadn't.


-He's been neutered. He endured a shameful week with the retarded cone on his head.
-Still likes to eat trash. One day Steve discovered Cracker had pooped a rope.


-Steve and I put together a soccer league. We play games at an indoor facility every Saturday and play recreationally at a park every Wednesday with friends.
-Our first two games we've lost. The score has been like 3-11. I think the other teams lied and went a level below their skill so that they could win the league t-shirt. I am however, proud of Steve. He's always one of two players that scores points every game!


-30 Rock on Hulu.
-Fringe. I know it's Scify, but it still kind of freaks me out if I watch it late at night.

Well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope everyone's enjoying their summer. Can't wait to hang out with the Grahams in a few weeks and then my mom when she comes up! Steve and I have the best families!